Captain Delivery | Pizzalinni da francesca
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(514) 630-6666

Best Dishes

Open: 11:00-21:00h

Pizza, 12" (Moyen)
1 x Sauce Tomate et Fromage Pizza, 12" (Moyen)
Souvlaki au Poulet
Assiette de 1 Souvlaki au Poulet Sur Brochette & Frites
Le Classique Hamburger
1 x Le Classique Hamburger with Salade César
Chicken Burger
1 x Chicken Burger Grilled

Restaurant Philosophy

At Pizzalinni Restaurant we strive for culinary excellence by paying close attention to the source and quality of our ingredients. We create a dining experience like no other by using in-season, locally-grown ingredients, including organic, sustainable meat, pizza, cheese, poultry, vegetables, and grains. In the summertime, Pizzalinni cultivates our own herb garden to provide the freshest ingredients possible